You are invited to join leading global experts for a webinar discussing the Future of Food. Hosted by the TUM São Paulo office, esteemed researchers from the Global Bioeconomy Alliance will explore a return to the origins of food.

As we grapple with the global issue of food security and strive for a future that supports the quest for zero hunger, responsible consumption and production, and sustainable rural living, researchers unite in the need to harness new or revitalised nutrient rich food sources with the potential for broad health and nutrition applications.

Join panellists Prof Michael Rychlik and Prof Martin Steinhaus from Technical University Munich (TUM) in Germany, Prof Odair Fernandes and Prof André Gonzaga dos Santos from UNESP in Brazil and Prof Henrietta Marrie, Prof Robert Henry and Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa from UQ in Australia as they highlight the importance of embracing the connection between food, science, culture and environment.

As we look toward the future of food, the panelists will share theirexperiences in aligning with the patterns of the past, to support predictions for the future.

The event is free of charge and will be conducted in English.

December 09th
11:30am CET / 8:30pm AEST / 7:30am BRT
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